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      PARKING: We save owners a lot of money. PARC will assist in reducing the cost of parking projects by managing:

      • The number of spaces; shared parking studies often reduce the number of spaces required by up to 25%

      • The size of spaces; geometrics appropriate to location and intended use frequently reduce the average area per space by over 10%.

      • The location of spaces; parking above grade frequently costs 50% less than parking below grade.

      • The number of levels; reducing the number of levels reduces the average cost per square foot.

      • The structural system; system selection can optimize life cycle value by minimizing maintenance.


      ACCESS: We make parking user friendly by optimizing facility access and circulation patterns.

      • The number of entries; optimizing portal quantity and location based on intended use, type of access control and traffic patterns mitigates delays.

      • The number of paths; large facilities benefit from multiple paths to divide and conquer peak interval demand.

      • The number of cycles; minimizing the number of 360 degree revolutions from top to bottom can improves user acceptance.

      • Search patterns; long paths in and short paths out optimize the number of spaces passed and side friction.

      • The number of exits; user type, revenue control, portal location, queuing area all influence egress design.


      REVENUE: We reduce costs of ownership and operation by managing:

      • Transaction time; selection of mag-stripe, bar-code, cash and credit systems determines average transaction time.

      • The type of control equipment; automation reduces time required to pay in-lane.

      • The location of controls; paying on-foot can reduce transaction time at gates and the number of lanes.

      • The number of controls; minimizing transaction time can reduce exit queues and equipment costs.

      • The operating cost; reducing costs of employment and supplies improves return-on investment.


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